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ScotGov Independence Referendum news 23/02/2014
Scottish Passport number-sharing deal reached with Westminster

We are pleased to announce that a deal has been reached between the Scottish and UK Governments over number-sharing for Scottish Passports in iScotland.
Since numbers are an Asset of the UK, jointly-owned by Scotland, inter-government talks have been taking place across a range of number-using areas, to come to agreements on sharing-out numbers between rUK and iScotland, prior to September's YES vote for Scottish independence. 

Passport numbering is the first of these areas where agreement has been reached.
All future tendering opportunities for printing iScottish passports, printing iScottish banknotes, and for the construction of border posts will be advertised on Public Contracts Scotland.

Full details will be published shortly in the long-awaited Joint Statement from the two governments. Limited details released today confirm the following :-

All Scottish Passports will begin with either a 3 or 4-digit number.

iScotland has secured the exclusive use for Scottish Passports of a range of prefix numbers including:-

007, 1297, 1314, 1967, 1984, 1990, and 2014

rUK will have exclusive use for future rUK Passports of an alternative range of numbers that includes:-

666*, 1066, 1966

(* Specially requested by George Osborne.)

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