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ScotGov Independence Referendum : Love Bombs

The Better Together Campaign, at time of writing, are still working on their 700-page "Positive Case for The Union" document. It seems that there is a genuine danger of it not being ready for publication this side of 18th September, so "Plan Z" (random LoveBombing) has been activated.

How this Better Together LoveBombing offensive dovetails with Project Fear is a mystery.

Be assured that we will therefore, in the public interest, monitor the situation, and provide relevant information here, so that you can decide for yourself whether to laugh just hysterically, or laugh uncontrollably.
However please do not laugh so much that you forget to vote YES on Septermber 18th, 2014.

LoveBomb Listing:


(23/02/2014) Cyclist Magazine
In March’s issue of Cyclist magazine, the editor, Pete Muir (London based Scot) makes this impassioned plea:

“Which is why, in this year of the Scottish Independence Referendum, I urge our Scottish readers to vote No.
Cyclist’s UK rides features would be just that bit less rugged and dramatic without the roads of Scotland in them.
So please, Scotland, don’t leave”.

(Courtesy of Seasick Dave on Wings Over Scotland)

(23/02/2014) Daily Record
One of David Bowie's old pal's reveals he used to argue with pop star over Scottish independence in the 1960s.
(Punctuation Alert: Daily Record is not good at apostrophes)

(20/02/2014) Telegraph
David Bowie abused by CyberNats after pro-UK Brits speech
(Note: Some of our best friends are Cybernats)

(07/02/2014) Guardian

David Cameron sets out 'emotional, patriotic' case to keep Scotland in UK
(Note: Comments after the article are worth a read)

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