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Contact ScotGov, and other useful contacts:-
Please email ScotGov at
Suggestions for additional information are welcome.

Please note that due to heavy departmental workload between now and September 18th 2014, we will not be able to respond to Freedom of Information requests until after that date.
Other types of enquiries will be handled in the usual manner, as appropriate.

Note: Questions like 'What's Plan B?' get the rubber ear.
Other contacts:  
Your grandchildren will ask you "were you on Wings Over Scotland when Scotland voted for independence?".
Derek Bateman : The man who should be appointed head of the SBC in Scotland after the YES vote.
All the news that the biased mainstream media won't report.
BBC Scotlandshire. Your other National Broadcaster. Reaching the parts that other broadcasters don't reach.
Business for Scotland : Ensuring that the Scottish business community has access to the facts, in the lead up to the 2014 Referendum.
Labour for Independence : Fighting for an independent Scotland with a real Scottish Labour Party.