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ScotGov Independence Referendum : Fear Bombs

For most of the past year the Better Together Campaign have been seeking to persuade the Scottish people to remain in The Union by way of daily Project Fear announcements.

To their credit, Better Together have kept it simple: Project Fear is their Plan A, B, C, etc. and has been their only scary game in town so far, in what laughingly passes for their campaign.  

In order that the Scottish people can sleep soundly in their beds, free from fear-induced nightmares, we are featuring on this public service webpage the truth behind these Fear Bombs, updating information as they detonate (or fail to detonate, mostly).

(Bizarrely, see also
FearBomb Listing:

(13/02/2014) George Osborne's Sermon on The Pound

Wings Over Scotland - Turn and River
Pie and Bovril - George Osbornes's Speech

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