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Welcome to the official ScotGov Independence Referendum information website.

Please use the links above and below to get to the unbiased information you need to help you decide to vote YES (or convince others to vote YES) in the Scottish Independence Referendum on 18th September 2014.
Latest news is here.

IndyRefInfo : A-Z by topic (e.g. BBC Bias, Currency, EU, Cybernats)

FearBombs : Better Together's Project Fear (Plan A)

LoveBombs : Better Together's Positive Case for the Union (Plan Z)

Latest News : (satire warning) ScotGov/UKGov agree on Passport numbers

Recommended : Join the conversation at Wings Over Scotland

Other News:

BBC Scotlandshire accused of bias

(22/02/2014) John Swinney puts the boot in on Pound advice

(21/02/2014) UK Gov climbdown - Leaders indy debate agreed

(20/02/2014) Currency warning backfilres for UK Gov

(20/02/2014) Feel the Fear

(18/02/2014) A Stupid London Plays It Dirty
Other non-biased links:  
Your grandchildren will ask you "were you on Wings Over Scotland when Scotland voted for independence?".
Derek Bateman: The man who should be appointed head of the SBC in Scotland after the YES vote.
All the news that the biased mainstream media won't report.
BBC Scotlandshire. Your other National Broadcaster. Reaching the parts that other biased national broadcasters don't reach.
(satire warning)
Business for Scotland : Ensuring that the Scottish business community has access to the facts, in the lead up to the 2014 Referendum.
Labour for Independence : Fighting for an independent Scotland with a real Scottish Labour Party.
NATIONAL COLLECTIVE : Imagine a better Scotland.
Artists and Creatives for Scottish Independence.
WWW.CYBERNATS.COM : Countering Your British Establishment's Relentless Negativity And Tripe